Funny the things I find out doing this. I never knew that Funky Green Dogs were also MURK. This is big room, commercial House from Miami.


FGD are revered DJ/producers Oscar Gaetan and Ralph Falcon (who are also both collectively known as MURK). FGD is is for their less underground dance music and more pop world tracks. Launched in the early ’90s, their chart-topping single “Reach for Me” put Funky Green acclaimed debut, Get Fired Up! The single pushed FGD into the mainstream, cracking the UK Top 20. After releasing Star in 2000, their second album for Twisted Records (which featured the breakout single “Body”),the outfit joined MCA.


Of 2001’s “Super California” they said “We realized that the tracks that we really liked on our last album were the ones that we both wrote together,” explains Oscar, who has known his musical partner Ralph since childhood. “We decided to do all of the music together this time and it made the difference for us.” In addition to simultaneously producing their tracks, the presence of vocalist Tamara—who joined FGD after all of the songs on Star had already been written—significantly influenced the music. “The big difference was that we knew that we were writing for her,” stresses Oscar. “Last time, we wrote an album and didn’t have a vocalist. We knew Tamara’s strengths and we were able to gear everything towards the little things, like knowing which keys she sings best in. Her performance is so much stronger because of that.”


Funky Green Dogs – Until The Day (Original MURK Mix)


Funky Green Dogs – Body (Oscar G Xtra Large Mix)


Funky Green Dogs – Until The Day (MAW Funky Green Dub)
Funky Green Dogs – Body (Ashley Beedle Sirius Red Hard Mix)

Tracks c/o DJ N1

Funky Green Dogs MySpace


~ by acidted on June 4, 2009.


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