Quick post to follow up on the FSOL competition and an excuse to post an oddity, Brian Eno remixing the Grid.


The competiton was to win the original CD single of The Future Sound of London’s ‘Papua New Guinea’ by answering the following question: Who is FSOL’s regular engineer, from PNG through to much more recent releases and has now started to release his own material? And the answer was “Yage”, who may or may not be merely a pseudonym for FSOL. Well done to winner, PaulRiley.


The Grid were Norris/Ball and we will deal with them properly later. But, in 1992 they released the ‘Heartbeat’ single. A pleasant but unexceptional piece of House. Their remixers had been very much on the Boys Own style with Weatherall, Farley and Justin Robertson on remix duty. But this time, they had a special release of the single with remixes only by studio boffin Brian Eno, who had rather fallen from public view – Roxy Music was an awfully long time ago by 92. I thought this would be an exceptional pairing. It came housed in a clear plastic album case with translucent frosted tray (I don’t think it ever had a vinyl release). In place of an inlay the release info is given on a sticker which wraps front to back. But somehow the whole was less than the sum of its parts. The first mix below is the best. The other two are more for Eno fans.


The Grid – Heartbeat (Sweetdome Mix)


The Grid – Heartbeat (Beating Time Mix)


The Grid – Heartbeat (Squelchy Mix)


~ by acidted on June 26, 2009.

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