Indie Rock darlings Garbage get the remix treatment from jazzists Red Snapper and Danny Saber.


On Garbage, discogs says “Legendary rock producer Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins) and friends Marker and Erikson made up the group Fire Town in the late 1980s. But then they started making wild electronic/rock mixes for artists like House of Pain. They were pretty glad for this decision, but they need a strong female vocalist to front them. Enter Shirley Manson, from the group Angelfish. The guys reportedly saw an Angelfish video on MTV’s “120 Minutes” and invited her to Vig’s Smart Studios in the mecca that IS Madison, Wisconsin. After a rocky first rehearsal, the rest is now alterna-rock history. With three albums to their credit and a remix roster that includes Todd Terry, Danny Tenaglia, Timo Maas, and more, Garbage have paved the way for many other bands that blend the machines and live instruments to create a unique sound.”


Red Snapper’s mix is the pick of the pair, giving the original 1995 altrock workout a strung out jazz feel and Shirley an increased sense of drug-addled angst.
Garbage – Stupid Girl (Red Snapper Mix)
Garbage – Stupid Girl (Danny Saber Remix)


~ by acidted on June 28, 2009.

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