Electronics meets tango with the Gotan Project at the turn of the millennium. Much loved at the time, although I always found them a bit too coffee table niceness.


The driving force behind the founding of Gotan Project was a French DJ by the name of Philippe Cohen-Solal. Born in 1962, Cohen-Solal began his career in the film world in the 90s, working as a music consultant for a number of leading film directors including Tavernier, Mikhalkov and Lars Von Trier. He also made something of a name for himself as a composer.


Meanwhile, Cohen-Solal’s future associate, Christoph H. Müller, was busy forging his own reputation on the electro scene in Switzerland. Müller, who was born in Switzerland in 1968, was a veritable tech whizzkid, tinkering around on machines from his early teens.


The foundations for Gotan Project were laid in 1999 when Müller and Cohen-Solal met the Argentinean signer and guitarist Eduardo Makaroff. Born in 1955, Makaroff had relocated to Paris in 1990. Like Cohen-Solal, he had come from a cinematic background, composing music for films and television movies in Argentina. After moving to France, Makaroff made a name for himself as conductor of the “Club Tango” orchestra at fashionable Parisian brasserie La Coupole.


Müller, Cohen-Solal and Makaroff officially joined forces in 1999 to form Gotan Project, taking their name from the backwards slang word for ‘tango’. The trio delved into the traditional music of Argentina, discovering in tango and other traditional genres such as milonga and chacarera, the same ingredients as electro.


“La Revancha del Tango” was finally released in October 2001 and distributed in France on the major Barclay/Universal. The album was an instant and unmitigated hit. Critics in the European press showered “La Revancha del Tango” with rave reviews, praising its creators’ musical elegance and erudition. I bought the album but it lies unloved in a cupboard. It’s too smooth and unruffled to pay attention. But if you’re having a dinner party (you do have dinner parties don’t you darling?) it’s perfect. From 2002:


Gotan Project – Triptico (PK’s Trip Deluxe) Peter Kruder
Gotan Project – Santa Maria (Tom Middleton’s Cosmos Mix)


Gotan Project website


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