Globo were oddball UK dance act on Hydrogen Dukebox. Both band and label could be hit and miss but when they got it right, they got it very right. Sampling a police interview for a single isn’t the mark of the faint-hearted.


The sampladelic act Globo released their debut album, This Time It’s Globo…, on Hydrogen Dukebox in May 2000, though not before a questionably-sourced police interview sample on their 1995 single, “13,” attracted a lawsuit and delayed its release. Globo used parts of an interrogation for white label releases of this track. They had to remove it for the proper release because it was part of an interrogation in a case still in court. Thought I had that white label somewhere but can’t find it. The mix below is from the CDS.


Globo are based in Norfolk (you couldn’t get less rock and roll) and were formed by the burnt out remnants of art-rock group Basti, they claim they are “less a group, more an experiment” and have a sort of Devo-ness about them (minus the hats). Indeed they have released a cover of “Whip It”. During 2008 they have worked on a cover version of the entire This Nation’s Saving Grace by The Fall, which features guest performances from other local artists principally Mia Vigar, Bearsuit and The Neutrinos. You can buy it from their site and watch it on Youtube. They continue to produce a weird hybrid rock/art/terrorism today.


Globo – Thirteen (Remixed by Beaumont Hannant)


Globo – Hope And Glory


Globo – Breakdown (Meat Beat Manifesto Mix)


Globo website


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