Bit of a strange one this. San Fran band Grotus on none-more-punk label Alternative Tentacles gets a remix by London ethnic-trancers Transglobal Underground.


I know nothing about Grotus, so this will have to suffice:


With their eccentric blend of disparate musical styles, San Francisco’s Grotus fit in extremely well with the 1990s freewheeling alt-rock spirit — so well, and so freewheeling, in fact, that hardly anyone remembers their existence. Birthed along with the decade itself, the quartet comprised of Lars Fox (vocals/samples), Adam Tanner (guitar/bass/samples), John Carson (bass/samples), and Bruce Boyd recorded several albums (including 1991’s Brown, 1993’s Slow Motion Apocalypse, and 1996’s Mass) featuring heavily electronic/industrial distortions of alt-rock and metal — all topped with often inscrutable, nearly dadaist lyrics decried in a schizophrenic array of voices. That Grotus managed to attract a small cult following almost goes without saying, but mass acceptance was probably never an option, so, after being juggled by a number of well-intentioned but equally perplexed independent labels, the group’s career (also filled with several EPs and remix sets) finally ground to a halt in the late ’90s, along with the alt-rock era’s enthusiasm for anything so quirky. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide


The featured tracks are taken from the Opiate of The Masses single (1994), itself taken from the Slow Motion Apolcalypse LP (1993). The tracks are a fusion of ethnic punky rock with ethnic trance. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Either I’ve got mellower or time has served them well but they aren’t bad in a ‘historical artifacts’ kind of way.


Grotus – Vishnu Fulfilment (Transglobal Underground Mix)


Grotus – Afterglow Tantra (Transglobal Underground)


Grotus – Hanuman The Protector (Transglobal Underground Mix)


Grotus website


~ by acidted on July 5, 2009.

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