Acid house music from the godfather of French dance music. Laurent Garnier was in England when Acid House took off and then brought it to France. He is still active today.


Laurent’s biography in his own words (from 1996):


“I worked in Manchester as head chef for Mr Anthony H Wilson, at Dry Bar. I’ve worked at the French Embassy in London where I served the Queen and Lady Di. I served Margaret Thatcher four times.


I picked up my first professional DJ work at the Hacienda in ’87 playing disco, cha-cha, go-go and when I heard acid house it blew my mind. I had to leave Manchester for National Service, which is still compulsory in France, then back to England for six crazy months. But eventually I went home because Paris did not have many DJs or good house clubs. So I opened Wake Up which lasted three crazy years.”


From 1994:


Laurent Garnier – Astral Dreams (Speakers Mix)
Laurent Garnier – Astral Dreams (Headphone Mix)


Bonus tracks:
Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face (Svek Mix)
Laurent Garnier – Dance 2 The Music


Laurent Garnier website


~ by acidted on July 7, 2009.


  1. […] days ago. This time, Justin Robertson as Lionrock (or Lion Rock as it was then) and French legend Laurent Garnier. The album from which the 12″ was taken was released as a fundraising CD, through Melody […]

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