Just the one record this time. It’s from Andy Pickford (no, me neither). But it was on GPR and had Beaumont Hannant mixes which is good enough for me.

Discogs doesn’t have much info on Andy, other than he also operated as Psyborg Project. The featured single is Andy’s first release “Apocalypse of Love EP” from 1994. He only had a couple of singles on GPR before moving on to Centaur Discs. These are quality IDM remixes, perhaps a little more Autechre-flavoured than Beaumont Hannant’s organic “Texturology”.

Andy Pickford – Akira (Beaumont Hannant Rework 1)

Andy Pickford – The Furnace (Beaumont Hannant Rework 2)

Andy Pickford – Apocalypse of Love (Beaumont Hannant Rework 3)


No links to product today. Instead, if you download you could give something to the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust (UK) by donating here or Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (USA) here or to a children’s cancer charity in your own country.

~ by acidted on July 8, 2009.

One Response to “CHARITY SHOP CLASSICS (38)”

  1. […] Beaumont Hannant remix of Andy Pickford’s Get Dyson. Pickford was also on GPR (more here). This mix has the essential Hannant dichotomy of IDM ambient warmth and coldness all within the […]

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