When we had a post on Globo a week ago, I said I had a promo of key single “Thirteen” but couldn’t find it. Finally found it and these rare tracks, including an excellent Beaumont Hannant mix, are included below.

The press release with the promo 12″ (1995) says:

Up, up and away with the superb Hydrogen Dukebox label. If you’re not familiar with hte releases and you class yourself as having eclectic tastes, have a rummage around your local vinyl emporium. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

‘Thirteen’ is Globo’s third single, and the first to be taken from album Pro War’. The 12″ contains a top notch remix from Beaumont Hannant in a most accessible mode, and is flipped by a truely wonderful and mighty bizarre uptempo mix mayhem style by Globo themselves.
Thirteen will also be released on CD, with a different Beaumont Hannant mix, and four mixes by Globo, none of which appear on the vinyl 12″.
Some quite serious police action has been involved in the lead up to the single, which has lead to some very nervous band members. This is because the single was based around an interview tape from a police cell.

Globo – Thirteen Beaumont 1

Globo – Thirteen Backstab Catastrophic


Globo website

~ by acidted on July 8, 2009.

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