More remixes of Garbage from their prolific 1995/96 period. This time by West Country stars Massive Attack with one of their skunk paranoia mixes and West Florida dance stars Rabbit In The Moon.

FRom the official Garbage bio: “When Shirley Manson first hooked up with Butch Vig, Steve Marker and Duke Erikson, the band was pegged as ?”three producers and a girl.?” Vig and Erikson had been, respectively, the drummer and the frontman for Midwestern guitar-pop favorites Spooner, as well as mid-?’80s college radio successes Fire Town. Vig?’s old college buddy Marker engineered Spooner?’s very first recordings on a four-track in his basement; the two men went on to found Smart Studios, producing and engineering such seminal post-hardcore bands as Killdozer and Die Kreuzen. Then Vig manned the console for such landmark records as the Smashing Pumpkins?’ Gish and of course, Nirvana?’s Nevermind, as well as discs by Sonic Youth, L7, House of Pain and Freedy Johnston.


Garbage was meant to be a lark, a way for three old friends to take advantage of success and have fun on the other side of the control room. But someone had to sing. ?”It was just going to be a blip in our personal history,?” says Manson, who began her career playing keyboards in the Scottish combo Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie, then fronted her own band Angelfish.


Three records later?–1995?’s Garbage, 1998?’s Version 2.0 and 2001?’s Beautiful Garbage?–Garbage has seen their albums top the charts around the world, had countless hit singles (?”Queer,?” ?”Happy When It Rains, ?”Stupid Girl,?” ?”Special,?” ?”Cherry Lips?”), graced every year-end best-of you can name, earned several Grammy nominations (including Best New Artist in 1997 and Album of the Year for Version 2.0 in 2001) and cut a James Bond movie theme (?”The World Is Not Enough?”). They?’ve also played close to 1000 shows, from dives to sheds to giant festivals, as well as tours with Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morrisette, U2 and No Doubt.”

Garbage – Milk (Massive Attack Remix)

Garbage – Milk (Rabbit In The Moon Remix)


Garbage website


Grabage store

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