This isn’t a swine flu post, though people have it on the floor above me at work – I try not to think about the efficiency with which air con can spread disease. This post is about GRP artist Germ. Some typically GPR-style IDM. Really rather good, none of your autechre being difficult with dissonance and metal bashing.


Germ was Tim Wright. Today’s tracks are from 1994 LP “Gone” which was a selection of tunes recorded in York between October ’92 and May ’94, according to the sleeve. Never otherwise heard of Germ.


According to Wiki: Wright’s first commercially available releases were under the pseudonym Germ. Described as “one of the most influential, under-recognized forces of innovation in the European experimental electronic music scene” (Sean Cooper, Allmusic), Germ was initially a solo bedroom project but grew with the aid of engineer John Dalby at Finsbury Park Studios to encompass collaborations with Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Matt Miles (double bass) and Nicholas Bullen (electric bass).


Germ released three EPs and two albums, “Gone” and “Parrot” on General Productions Recordings (GPR) in 1995. Wright continues to use the Germ name for the occasional remix, the most recent being of John Richards’ “Suite for Piano and Electronics” (2007 Nonclassical). When GPR ceased trading in 1996 Wright was temporarily forced to abandon the Germ name and went on to pursue a more dance-floor friendly sound with his solo project Tube Jerk. After commissioning the Germ remix of African Nightflight’s “Make up your Mind” Sean Mayo, then head of PIAS UK offshoot iLL Recordings, persuaded Wright to tailor his sound for a techno/club audience with the Tube Jerk project. The Tube Jerk sound was instantly recognisable with its use of enormous rolling drum and bass style bass-lines and tight house- influenced drum parts. Still active to date, two full length albums have been released, “Shift” (2003 on Sativae Recordings) and “Fold” (1999 on iLL Recordings) as well as a number of remixes and vinyl only EPs.


Wright also works as head engineer at Parrot Music (formerly Finsury Park Studios) in York. Described as a “private recording studio” it is where most of his work has been recorded. He is credited as engineer on the majority of the output of UK hip hop group New Flesh (Big Dada). He is currently studying for a PhD in composition of Electroacoustic music at the University of York.


If you only download one track, make it Ssong, especially if you ever liked Beaumont Hannant.


Germ – Ssong
Germ – Gun (Gone)
Germ – Bamboo Groove II


Tim Wright Website from where you can buy mp3s

~ by acidted on July 13, 2009.

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