Groove Corporation make soulful house. Formed from the ashes of Electribe 101, they are still going today.


From their bio: The Groove Corporation first appeared in the public eye as Electribe 101. Hailed by the N.M.E. as the forefront of the British house movement, at a time when house was experimental and only heard on pirate radio or in underground, mainly illegal clubs.


They managed to achieve 3 top 40 singles and a top 20 album, but soon became disillusioned with the business, finding out that it was more about celebrity than music.


They subsequently parted company with vocalist Billie Ray Martin and headed back to the studio for more musical experiments.


The Groove Corporation were always given production credits on Electribe 101 records and on mixes done for, among others the house legend Kevin Saunderson.


When Electribe 101 split they chose to work under this moniker. They formed their own label, the Cake Label along with fellow Birmingham dubsters Rockers Hi Fi, and were credited with mixing the ground breaking Rockers Hi Fi track “Push Push”.


There’s nothing particularly radical about their work but it is good quality soulful House, with dub influences. Perhaps in the Ashley Beedle vein.
Groove Corporation – Let Me Out
Rockers Hi-Fi – Push Push (Groove Corporation Remix)
Altern-8 – Brutal-8-E Z-Trance Mix) By Groove Corporation


GCorp website


~ by acidted on July 13, 2009.

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