Ah, the Grid. They made some lovely House music in the early 90s. Got huge with the unfortunate ‘Swamp Thing’ hit and then sank without trace. Unfairly overlooked in my opinion.

As for the basics, their MySpace says: The Grid formed after Richard Norris met Dave Ball in 1987 during the recording of ‘Jack The Tab’, one of the UK’s first Acid House albums. The album was co-produced by Norris and Genesis P.Orridge. The Grid released 10 singles from 1988 – 1995, all of which made the UK charts, including ‘Floatation’, ‘Crystal Clear’, ‘Texas Cowboys’, ‘Figure Of 8’, ‘Rollercoaster’ and the million-selling ‘Swamp Thing’. They released three albums (‘Electric Head’, ‘456’ and ‘Evolver’) and a compilation (‘Music For Dancing’). The Grid have remixed and produced numerous artists including Brian Eno, Yello, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Billy Ray Martin, Happy Mondays, Boy George, Robert Fripp, Sun Ra, Marc Almond and more. Grid tracks have been used extensively on television (‘Coronation St’, ‘Emmerdale’, ‘Home and Away’, ‘Footballer’s Wives’, ‘Eastenders’ etc), and in film (‘Pret A Porter’, ‘Pecker’, ‘Meeting The President’). The band took a break in 1995.

From those early days, their 1990 classic chillout/ambient track ‘Floatation’ with the best mixes being by Weatherall in his golden period (The Sonic Swing Mix includes the opening bit of The Stone Roses’ “Waterfall” towards the end of the mix):

The Grid – Floatation (Subsonic Grid Mix) mixed by Andrew Weatherall

The Grid – Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix) mixed by Andrew Weatherall

The Grid – Floatation (Progressive Mix) mixed by Olimax & DJ Shapps

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~ by acidted on July 17, 2009.

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