All round Irish renaissance man with remixes from The Grid. Don’tcha love the ‘I can read Joyce’ pose?


Gavin Friday was born in Dublin on October 8, 1959. He survived a Christian Brothers education to become a singer, composer and painter. Ireland’s most avant-garde chanteur founded the legendary Virgin Prunes in 1977. The band’s uncompromising body of work ensured a dedicated fan base in Ireland, the U.K. and mainland Europe in particular.


In 1995 Gavin Friday released ‘Shag Tobacco’. Produced by Bomb the Bass’ Tim Simenon, the sultry, cinematic album uniquely blends 90’s dance rhythms with more traditional European pop set in a world not quite in the future, or in the past. ‘It’s a very sexual album,’ said Friday, ‘if there is a location for this album, it is a place where love is most definitely the drug and everyone is a junkie.’ The Shag Tobacco tours lasted well into 1996, ending triumphantly with a show at the Olympia Theatre in Friday’s home town, Dublin. It is from this period that the tracks below come.


Gavin Friday is a prolific vocalist, artist and composer, whose film work includes the songs written with Bono for the popular 1993 film ‘In the Name of the Father’. They recorded the title track as well as the Sinead O’Connor sung hit ‘You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart’. In 1996 Friday and Seezer contributed the song ‘Angel’ to the ‘Romeo + Juliet’ soundtrack and wrote their first piece of score for the Australian film ‘Angel Baby’. His subsequent film scores have included ‘The Boxer’ (1998), ‘Disco Pigs’ (2001) and ‘In America’ (2002). In late 2005, Friday and Seezer teamed up with legendary producer Quincy Jones to score the Jim Sheridan directed 50 Cent biopic ‘Get Rich or Die Trying.’


Gavin Friday is currently working on his fourth solo album with writing partner Herb Macken.


Gavin Friday – You, Me and World War III (The Grid – Armageddon Dub)
Gavin Friday – You, Me And World War III (The Grid Armageddon Mix)


Gavin Friday website


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