Last post about Grove Corporation. Dealing with the period 1995 to today.


Just prior to the release of Co-Operation, Network Records were bought out by Sony and G.Corp found themselves once again in the grip of a major label. The first 10,000 LPs were pressed and sold, G.Corp were summoned to a meeting with the head of their label section, only to be told that because his boss did not feel involved they should kill this LP and record a new one with the said boss more involved in the process.
The answer was a less than polite No and G.Corp headed back to their studio The Elephant House confining Co-Operation to rare groove status. A dub of Co-Operation was released on German label Echo Beach – this was to cement a style and also earn them a deluge of remix offers. As well as this G Corp were working on their second dub album ‘Dub Plates From The Elephant House Vol. 1’.
The album, described by the press as “King Tubby meets The Chemical Brothers” was released on the visionary indie label Different Drummer. Remixes were also completed for Bob Marley, Bobby Womack, Sly and Robbie, Dillinger ( the anthem Cocaine In My Brain), Ennio Morricone, Maxi Priest, Yabby U and Luciano. What a perfect situation the autonomy of their own studio, making the music they wanted to make with no interference from major labels and a collection of their heroes on the mixing desk to be reworked! A vital selection of these remixes have been put together on one album ‘Remixes From The Elephant House’ released on the ever cool Chicago based Guidance label.
The Groove Corporation have just finished “Dub Plates From The Elephant House -Volume Two” (2002) for Different Drummer and are currently working on a vocal and beats album for “Guidance Recordings”, due to be released early 2003. “Dub Plates From The Elephant House -Volume Three” was released in 2007.
You will also find G.Corp on tour as part of the Overproof Soundsystem, a sound system that evolved from a club night in Birmingham called “Overproof” run by the Different Drummer crew. The sound features live keyboards, percussion and the vocals of Jugla and Tweed from Rockers Hi Fi, the selectors spinning anything from sixties and seventies roots and dub to modern dub and remixes.
Groove Corporation – Rain (Mother Mix)
Groove Corporation – Twist & Change (Isotonic Dub) Ashley Beedle
Groove Corporation – Twist & Change (Revolution Must Come Mix)
GCorp website

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