Who’d have thought I’d get 12″s from the same group from two different charity shops? Not me. They were early releases by progressive house group Sunscreem.


From MOG: One of the first rave-pop groups with live-performance abilities as well, Sunscreem formed around Paul Carnell and Lucia Holm (both on keyboards and vocals) with a handful of contributors including guitarists Darren Woodford and Wayne Simms, bassist Rob Fricker, drummer Sean Wright and Baz the DJ. Holm was a session cellist — with credits including Dream Academy’s “Life in a Northern Town” — when she met Carnell at a warehouse rave in Essex and agreed to form a band. Early singles “Walk On” and “Pressure” became moderate British hits and dancefloor favorites, while 1993’s “Love U More” became their trademark song (and biggest hit). The debut Sunscreem album O3 was released in 1993, earning American release through Columbia. The “Perfect Motion” single also became a hit, but the group had disappeared from the charts by the mid-’90s. Their second album Change or Die was finally released in 1996, while the retrospective Looking at You: Club Anthems appeared in 1998.


From 1991 and 1992 some progressive house, with a definite poppy streak:


Sunscreem – Walk On (D-Cubed Mix)


Sunscreem – Pressure (12″ Mix)


Sunscreem – Walk On (PNO Mix)


Sunscreem – Pressure (Instrumental)


No links to product today. Instead, if you download you could give something to the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust (UK) by donating here or Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (USA) here or to a children’s cancer charity in your own country.

~ by acidted on July 21, 2009.

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