I wasn’t going to anything further on Bebel Gilberto. But I found a couple of rare Peter Kruder extended mixes on a 12″.

For Bebel’s third album she used electronic producer Guy Sigsworth. From an interview in RemixMag:

“Her organic attitude turned out to be an excellent complement to the precise style of Guy Sigsworth, the Pro Tools devotee with whom she worked in London. Having collaborated with Björk, Madonna and Imogen Heap (as one-half of the ethereal dance band Frou Frou), Sigsworth brought a dance-music sensibility to the studio that helped Momento become more than just a live Brazilian record.

“Bebel obviously comes with a subtle understanding of bossa nova and Brazilian music, which I don’t really have,” Sigsworth admits. “I know what I like, but I’m not so honed to the specifics of the bossa-nova style. When she’s in the room with her percussionist, and they start saying, “That’s an afuche; that’s a samba,” I have to admit that I’m kind of slightly faking my knowledge a bit. All I know is, well, that sounds like quite a good rhythm; let’s go with that one! In a way, I think my naïveté is probably quite helpful because I don’t think she’s making records for specific aficionados of that style. She’s making records for anybody who happens to like the sound of her voice and her music.”

Sigworth’s lesson in Brazilian music continued through the recording sessions. “In a lot of bossa records, you really, really hear the acoustic guitars,” he says. “It’s absolutely dominant. They really, really want it very, very loud in the mix. It wouldn’t be like in a typical English pop record where it’s often rolled off and doesn’t have much bass end. Instead, it’d be quite a full-frequency sound coming off. So you have to navigate around that if you want the cool electronic noises that I do to come through.”

Bebel Gilbert – So Nice (Inner Space Dub) Layo & Bushwacka

Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo (PK’s Bebel im Nebel Remix) Peter Kruder

Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo (PK’s Cidade Maravilhosa Remix) Long Version

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~ by acidted on July 23, 2009.

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