Final post on the Grid to round up a few remixes of their work by a range of artists.


On of the Grid’s earliest singles was “A Beat Called Love”(1990). Coming out just before the classic “Floatation”, this started to build their reputation. It has a Boys Own connection, with remixes by Farley & Heller. Next, 1993’s “Crystal Clear”. This was a great single with some really strong mixes by The Orb. This is probably the only of the Grid’s release that is remembered with any affection today. It’s been featured on a range of blogs, so I’ve gone for an under-rated mix by Acid Ted favourite Justin Robertson in his Lionrock guise. Another release featuring a Lionrock mix was 1994’s “Texas Cowboys”. I’ve used the dub mix as the vocal version shows that the sugar rot that was “Swamp Thing” was only round the corner. Immediately preceding that smash hit was indifferent single “Rollercoaster” which is saved by a complete reworking from Global Communication. And last, 1995s “Diablo”. Coming after “Swamp Thing” this sounds the work of a listless group who have lost their way. Even Kris Needs as Secret Knowledge struggles to save it.


The Grid – A Beat Called Love (A Beat Called Club)
The Grid – Crystal Clear (Prankster Prophet Remix)
The Grid – Texas Cowboys (Lionrock Dubs Your Wagon)
The Grid – Rollercoaster (The Global Communication Yellow Submarine Re-Take)
The Grid – Diablo (Secret Knowledge Atomic Bidet Mix)


Grid MySpace


~ by acidted on July 24, 2009.

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