Trip hop beats, even a bit big beatish with Glamorous Hooligan. This is the last post under the letter G. And next week, we have “David Holmes Week” at Acid Ted.


Glamorous Hooligan were Dean Cavanagh, Enzo Annecchini, Martin Diver. They were briefly active at the end of the 1990s. Their music was not particularly memorable. But they had some good remixers and that’s what gets them this post.


Comprising Dean Cavanagh, Enzo Annechianni and Martin Diver, and based in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, Glamorous Hooligan took their name from the members’ past experiences “running with a local football firm’. Their breakthrough release came with 1994″s Wasted Youth Club Classics, a collision of breakbeats with disparate samples and trip-hop inspired “otherness”. Part of the record’s ethos was a rebuttal of the way the modern club scene had evolved, and the expensive ticket prices charged by name DJs. The bleak but realistic mood of the album was further explored with the release of the attendant 10-inch single, “Stone Island Estate”. Cavanagh also works as an underground music journalist, scriptwriter and a club promoter. nme.com


Glamorous Hooligan – Stoned Island Estate (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)


Glamorous Hooligan – Stoned Island Estate (Regular Fries Reshuffle)


Glamorous Hooligan – Stoned Island Estate (A Tranquility Bass Transmission)


~ by acidted on July 25, 2009.

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