W00t! It’s the letter ‘H’. And at long last we get to David Holmes. To celebrate, a week of Holmes-related posts. Nothing from the albums, you should go and buy them.


Born in Belfast the youngest of ten children, Holmes listened to punk rock as a child and began DJing at the age of 15 – his sets at pubs and clubs around the city during the next few years embraced a range of grooves including soul-jazz, mod rock, Northern soul, and disco. Holmes also worked as an underground concert promoter and wrote a fanzine as well, though he was just out of his teenage years when the house and techno boom hit Britain in the late ’80s. Soon he was integrating the new dance music into his mixing, and his club night Sugar Sweet became the first venue for serious dance music in Northern Ireland.


From 1994/95:


David Holmes – Johnny Favourite (Exploding Plastic Ambience Mix)
Holmes And McMillan – Total Toxic Tranquility
David Holmes – Minus 61 In Detroit



~ by acidted on July 27, 2009.

One Response to “DAVID HOLMES WEEK (1)”

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