This post picks up the point in the early 90s at which his Sugarclub in Belfast is making a name for itself and he starts to mix with artists from GB.


Back-and-forth contact between England and Northern Ireland brought Holmes into contact with leading DJs Andrew Weatherall, Darren Emerson, and Ashley Beedle. After familiarizing himself with the studio, he began recording with Beedle (later of Black Science Orchestra) to produce the single “DeNiro” (as Disco Evangelists), a sizeable dancefloor hit in 1992. The following year, his Scubadevils project (a collaboration with Dub Federation) appeared on the first volume of the seminal compilation series Trance Europe Express.


That first taste of success brought David Holmes much remixing work during 1993-1994, for Weatherall’s Sabres of Paradise, St. Etienne, Therapy?, Fortran 5, Sandals, and Justin Warfield, among others. He later signed to Go! Discs and in 1995 released his debut album, This Film’s Crap, Let’s Slash the Seats. Besides the cinema-terrorist persona evoked in the title, the album featured other ties to the cinema: the single “No Mans Land” had been written in response to the controversial Guildford 4 film In the Name of the Father. Television director Lynda La Plante ended up using many of the tracks from the album for her series Supply & Demand, and one track was used in the Sean Penn/Michael Douglas film The Game.


David Holmes – No Man’s Land
David Holmes – Smoked Oak
David Holmes – Slash The Beats


Bonus track:
David Holmes – Gone (First Night Without Charge) Two Lone Swordsmen



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