This post focuses on Holmes’ work in the new millennium. But the tracks are from 1997.


Holmes issued his third studio effort, Bow Down to the Exit Sign, in September 2000. One year later, Soderbergh tapped him to produce another feature-film soundtrack, Ocean’s Eleven, and it pushed a single – Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation,” as remixed by Junkie XL – into the charts (as well as the top spot in many countries). A cracking record.


Holmes’ next project was a studio band, the Free Association, introduced on the 2002 mix album Come Get It, I Got It. On the record, Holmes mixed and matched older tracks with new productions from him and his lab-mate, Stephen Hilton. Late that same year, a full album of new tracks (David Holmes Presents the Free Association, which was reissued with a new track order in 2006) followed it onto the racks, and in 2004 Cherrystones: Hidden Charms came out.


But from 1997:


David Holmes – Dont Die Just Yet La Funk Mob Mix
David Holmes – Dont Die Just Yet max 404s Optymistic Disco Dub
David Holmes – Dont Chant Just Yet (Holmes and Goldsworth Mix)
Bonus track from 1995:
Sven Vath – Ballet (Belfast-Fusion) mixed by David Holmes



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