Something from Nation Records on the ethnic ambient side of dance. Heliopolis comprised former members of Trans Global Undergound.


From the 1994 press release:


“Alex Kasiek, Man Juan and Shaki Gahlok, the lone muso and two DJs who originally started Transglobal Underground in 1991, have re-surfaced in England with a new single.


Working under a new name, Heliopolis, the trio are to release a single entitled, “Kintamani” on Nation Records on 25th April 1994.


The band claim their track is a definitive example of “…how Trans-Global Underground were supposed to sound like in the first place…”, in contrast to the use of live musicians which has now become synonymous with TGU, both recorded and live.


Asked why is has taken three years to get together and work again, since their involvement with the anthemic Transglobal Underground theme track “Templehead”, Alex said, “Extensive travel and fieldwork in Pakistan, Bali, and Greenland have delayed matters – not to mention the untogetherness of Juan and Shaki …!!!


A track which explores the heady and mesmeric hypno-beats which are creatively (and uncompromisingly) illustrated in each individual mix, of which there are three, Hanoman’s Forest Mix, Cryogenic Mix and the Philadelphia Experiment Mix.”


Heliopolis – Kintamani (Philadelphia Experiment Mix)


Heliopolis – Kintamani (Hanoman’s Forest Mix)


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