Although best known for trip-hop sounds, there was always more to him than that, especially after he set up Pussyfoot Records. This post contains a Weatherall remix.


From NME: b. Howard Bernstein, Glasgow, Scotland-based producer Howie B. shot to fame in 1994 as one of the most favoured exponents of trip-hop, even although he himself remained suspicious of the term. Renowned for his productions of the scene’s leading artists, Tricky and the Mo’ Wax Records roster, he had previously worked with acts as diverse as Soul II Soul, Massive Attack, Goldie and Siouxsie And The Banshees. In 1994, he founded Pussyfoot Records and was engaged in a number of projects, including the One Hell Of A Storm set, which saw poets and musicians such as Lemn Sissay, Malika B and Haji-Mike join together for a dubbed-up funk session. Bernstein’s impressive contribution was a collaboration with the poet Patience Agbabi on “There’s Gonna Be One Hell Of A Storm’. He then joined Mat Ducasse and Japanese duo Love TKO for 1994’s #1, credited to Skylab. This exhibited the influence of spaghetti westerns and classical and ambient music, and in interviews, Howie B. readily admitted the influence of David Byrne and Brian Eno’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts on the album. After this he worked simultaneously on several projects, including work with the Stereo MC’s singer Cath Coffey and Japan’s Major Force West, and also on Björk’s Post. In 1995, he worked on U2’s Passengers project, produced remixes for Annie Lennox, Simply Red and New Order and added samples to U2″s Pop. His success as a remixer led to a multi-album deal with Polydor Records, although this output has not always reflected his talents. “Take Your Partner By The Hand”, a track from Turn The Dark Off featuring ex-Band singer Robbie Robertson, was a big club hit in 1997.


Howie B – Angels Go Bald too (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix 1) mediafire


Howie B – Nordleed mediafire


Howie B – Under The Boardwalk mediafire
Howie B – Switch (Depth Charge Mix)


~ by acidted on August 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “H IS FOR HOWIE B”

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  2. […] a loose collective including the UK’s Howie B and Japan’s Major Force (more here). The track I’m featuring was a single from their #1 […]

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