More from the German techno meisters. But not quite in the style you might imagine.
I bought 1995’s “Dadamnphreaknoizphunk?” EP expecting some more thudding German trance/techno. But it was clear that there was something up from the BPMs listed with the track titles. All were around 100bpm. What was going on? Was it a misprint? Turned out to be an EP of some bubbling, almost trip hop, funk. Think David Holmes in his Gritty Shaker phase. Key track was Dubdope. Still sounds like a lost Holmes track. Phat Packer isn’t as good but is a CD only track. For those still looking for techno, I give you a 10 minute Slam remix.

Hardfloor – Dubdope


Hardfloor – Phat Packer


Hardfloor – Mahogany Roots (Slam Beneath The Surface Mix)


Hardfloor website


~ by acidted on August 6, 2009.

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