In this post I proceed to blow all credibility by featuring Eurovision-related Euro Dance. For we shall have Gina G, remixed by Apollo 440.


Gina G (her real name is Gina Mary Anne Gardner) was born in 3 August 1970, in Brisbane (Australia). She moved to Melbourne in 1987, where she joined the dance group, Bass Culture. They hit the top 40 and launched a massive dance hit with their first single, released in 1992, which was written and sung by Gina.


In 1994 she headed off to the UK, where she met Simon Tauber and released her first solo single, Ooh…Aah…Just A Little Bit, which was backed by Steve Rodway (Motiv8). The success of this song was so huge that it won comfortably in the Great British Song Contest, peaked at # 1 in the UK, and represented Britain in the 1996 Eurovision song contest. The single Fresh, the title of her debut album, was released in March 1997 in the UK. It reached # 11 in the UK. I’ve no idea why, notwithstanding the A440 mixes, I bought it. Oh well. The following two snippets from caught my attention:


September 1999 : Gina G and the song’s writer Simon Tauber have earnt nothing from their hit Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit due to the outcome of a High Court ruling. The deputy High Court judge ruled that Taube was entitled to 350,000 pounds in royalties after the song was number one in the UK for one week. But FX Music, the production firm holding the royalties, went into voluntary liquidation before Taube and Gina took seperate legal actions for their share of the proceeds. Although the writer was awarded a share in the royalties by record company Warner, this will be swallowed by legal bills. The song was Eurovisions biggest money – spinner to date, despite only coming eighth in the contest in 1996. Gina pursued her own battle, she won, but by the time the fee’s were paid out, the record company went bankrupt, so after all the fighting, she was never compensated after all !


2005 : Saturday 5th March Gina G entered a song for “Making Your Mind Up”, the preliminary event that decides what the UK’s entry to the Eurovision song contest will be. The song was entitled Flashback, a very happy tune, and was apparently co-penned by Gina, but unfortunately it proved the least popular of the five enteries.


Gina G – Fresh (A440 Instrumental)


Gina G – Fresh (A440 Mix)


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