If? were Paul Wells, Robert Marche and Sean McLusky. They were a short-lived attempt in the early 1990s to give progressive house a group setting and pop success. They failed but left some cracking singles.


From the promo sheet for eponymous second single “If?”


“IF?. If is the middle word in life”……….Dennis Hopper.


Following the highly acclaimed debut ‘Saturday’s Angels’ the three chaps return to the frey with their self titled single “IF?” Already a well spun piece of plastic down the more discerning discos abouttown and proudly sitting at the top of the renouned Flying Records chart, IF? is both hypnotic enough to stutter a strobe at twenty paces and is indeed the middle word in life.


“If you can dream and not make dreams your master” Rudyard Kipling


“IF?” comes in three motivated mixes: Never Say Die, 21st Century and the Off With Their Heads mix. Taken from their forthcoming debut Long Player, “English Boys On The Love Ranch”.


The talented hands of Richard Norris and Graham Ball of The Grid have pr0vided probably their best work to date for the remix.


“Which side will you be on”…Malcolm Mcdowell in If?


If? – If? (Come The Revolution Mix) remixed by The Grid
If? – Open Up Your Head (Stringfield Mix) By Leftfield
If? – Open Up Your Head (Vocalfield Mix) By Leftfield


~ by acidted on August 17, 2009.

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