Featuring the early talents of Andrea Parker (see previously), Inky blacknuss made dark, minimal, foreboding, offbeat techno. They were released on Weatherall-related Sabrettes label.


From NME: A highly regarded techno duo comprising Alex Knight, a DJ and proprietor of London’s Fat Cat record store, fellow DJ Andrea Parker and engineer Ian Tregonim. The latter, who handles production, was for many years responsible for Yello’s engineering. Parker takes charge of mixing, while Knight looks after percussion. Together they made a strong impression on their debut 1993 release, “Blacknuss’, on the Sabrettes imprint, which was awarded the New Musical Express” hastily improvised “Filthy, Dirty, Techno Thing Of The Week” award. Dark and foreboding, its menacing ambience was recreated by a follow-up release, “Drumulator”. Utilizing backwards synthesizer sounds and natural noises, Parker described her interests as being “anything that blows the speaker up”.


From the only two 12″s they released in 1993/94:


Inky Blacknuss – Blacknuss (Audience Mix)
Inky Blacknuss – Drumulator
Inky Blacknuss – Blacknuss (Alexathon Mix)


~ by acidted on August 19, 2009.

7 Responses to “I IS FOR INKY BLACKNUSS”

  1. Hi, is there any chance of a re-up for this and/or Andrea Parker’s ‘Godless’ remix of Lamb’s ‘God Bless’. Thanks very much.

  2. […] repost requested for Inky Blacknuss, which featured Andrea Parker and Alex […]

  3. no chance of re-up of the “blacknuss ep” ?

  4. Well, well, well. Look out on Acid Ted over the next couple of days and it might re-appear.

  5. […] repost requested for Inky Blacknuss, which featured Andrea Parker and Alex […]

  6. Thank you I will 🙂

    I use to own it on vinyl, but my 12″ is now in 7 smaller pieces.. :S

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