This post features links connecting James Brown and The Shamen and contains remixes from Beaumont Hannant and Ashley Beedle.

Jhelisa Anderson was particularly active in the mid-1990s, recording for soul-influenced house label Dorado Records. She is the cousin of acid jazz/soul artist Carleen Anderson, whose mother is Vicki Anderson, who sang with James Brown. Vicki Anderson (born Myra Barnes) is a soul singer best known for her performances with the James Brown Revue. She recorded a number of singles under both her birth and stage names. She is the widow of Bobby Byrd (the original founder of The Famous Flames).

Early in Jhelisa’s career she provided vocals for The Shamen. She joined then when the group had to reorganise after the untimely death of Will Sin. With Mr C joining Colin Angus on a full time basis, Jhelisa joined as female vocalist, replacing Plavka, who left under less than amicable circumstances. Jhelisa provided powerful vocals on The Shamen’s hit album “Boss Drum”. She left to go solo in 1994. Stylistically, she cooled things down beginning with her first solo album, 1995’s Galactica Rush, a mellow LP with shadings of soul and jazz mixed in with electronic flourishes. Here are some early remixes:

Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure (Beautifully Bare Mix) Beaumont Hannant

Jhelisa – Hold My Peace (Delta Peace Treaty Special) Ashley Beedle

Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure (The Enemy Release Mix) Ashley Beedle

Jhelisa – Hold My Peace (Delta Peace Dubwise) Ashley Beedle

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