James have a long and illustrious history as an indie act. But this post focuses on the 1993/94 period when they dabbled with dance music via the talents of Andy Weatherall.


From James bio: 1993: In February, after falling in love with the demo of ‘Sometimes’, Brian Eno sets about the task of unravelling the mysteries of James’s creative process by setting up two studios that will run side by side at Peter Gabriel’s Real World complex near Bath. One studio focuses on the song album ‘Laid’ whilst the other studio delves into an array of live improvisations unearthing the jewels that will make up the album ‘WahWah’.
To celebrate the release of the album ‘Laid’, BBC’s Radio1 hold a “James day” where the band play live tracks on every show throughout the day.


Later in the year the band add to the canon of great support acts they have taken out by touring UK, Germany, France, Spain Switzerland and Portugal with show openers Radiohead. To date that list also includes The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Texas, Stereophonics, The Inspiral Carpets and lastly but not leastly The Twang.


The Eno sessions produced JAM J. And then they let Weatherall get his hands on it. As a reviewer at discogs says “When the Sabres of Paradise take you on a journey, they really take you. They rework James JAM J into a one, long, languorous dub journey, back in the heady days when “chill out” actually meant something. Its time to kick up your feet for the slow, shuffling beats during the Arena Dub” and digital blippery during the “Amphetamine Pulsate.” By the “Sabresonic Tremolo Dub” more of the guitars come through, but still in service to the reverb. Finally, the “Spaghetti Steamhammer” rolls in like a Western on Quaaludes.”

Jam J (Arena Dub / Amphetamine Pulsate)
Jam J (Sabresonic Tremelo Dub / Spaghetti Steamhammer)

~ by acidted on August 28, 2009.

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