Jollymusic is an Italian House take on the 70s, if that makes sense. Alternatively, Francesco de Bellis & Mario Pierro (who make up Jollymusic) have effectively compressed the essense of decades of music gone by, into a nostalgic 70 minute trip.

The sleevenotes to their Jolly Bar album said “Vynil is an expressive medium. You can reconstruct years of musical expressions buying it in second hand for a very reasonable price, thus reconstructing years of musical expression typical of the place where you live. Vynil is expressive because it’s more physical than CDs, and if you have a nice turntable you can use old records as instruments to express your feeling. The music in this record is created thru old vynils, turntable, compact cassettes, digital and analog technology, and some other instruments as well…each of them has its own sound and expressive power… jollymusic”

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Jollymusic – Talco Uno

Jollymusic – Borotalco

Jollymusic – DiscoDisco

Jollymusic – Daddy

~ by acidted on August 29, 2009.

One Response to “J IS FOR JOLLYMUSIC”

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