Rock acts going down the electronic route? Isn’t that all rather 1990s. Maybe dance music is stirring again. Keith Thompson and Zach Curd have got together to form Desktop. They have ambitions to be the new Junior Boys – a good thing in my book. “Fired Up” falls short but not by much. Go download.


Keith Thompson plays in Electric Six, (remember “Danger! High Voltage” and “Gay Bar”) and Johnny Headband. Zach Curd plays keyboards in The Pop Project. The PR blurb says “Desktop are unlike Curd’s and Thompson’s other projects, however, the outcome is completely natural. Meeting somewhere between Stevie Wonder, New Order and 80s Detroit techno, the songs focus on relationships, but are designed to thrill. Thompson’s thick and driving bass lines and Curd’s rich, reverb-drenched harmonies are highlights. Desktop’s debut EP aims for the heart and everyone’s latent 1989 pop radio tendencies.”


The EP is available for free download in various formats on their website, and is also available on a limited edition, letterpressed 12 inch single, of which only 200 copies are available. The EP is a three-tracker. Easily the best track is “Fired Up” which is where the mix of harmonies and harsher electro-techno sounds best. Well worth a download if you liked Royksopp or Junior Boys. The other two tracks “Liberty” and “Too Much” are indeed too much. Too much in the harmonised choruses which make them sound like seventies soft rock remixed for the noughties. Think Journey meets Daft Punk. Let the music breath guys, make it braver and go easy on the choruses.


The EP is available for free on the Desktop’s website:


“Fired Up” MP3 direct download

~ by acidted on August 29, 2009.

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