Some more from scary goths Killing Joke and their mid-90s dance phase. This time on remix duty it’s progressive house trancers The Drum Club, cyber trancers Juno Reactor and ambient-orientated Youth and Greg Hunter (who sadly died recently).

Killing Joke’s line-up has had nearly as many changes as The Fall. The band had split at the start of the 1990s, with lead singer Jaz Coleman having gone to live on a remote island in New Zealand. As you do if you’ve had a falling out. But they reformed a couple of years later. The reactivated Killing Joke released two strong and well-received albums on Youth’s Butterfly Recordings label, Pandemonium and Democracy, which saw the band shift back to the simpler arrangements of their early albums. Pandemonium (1994) wove a metallesque ritualistic sound with mosh beats and loops and provided Killing Joke with a memorable Top of the Pops performance for the single ‘Millennium’, which was a UK Top 30 hit. Democracy (1996) successfully introduced acoustic guitar into the mix, as well as adopting more of a “live band” sound again. Much of Pandemonium and all of Democracy featured session drummer Geoff Dugmore. He also played live with the band throughout this era. Nick Holywell-Walker joined the band on keyboards and programming for 11 years from 1994-2005, notably on Democracy and XXV Gathering (live).

Killing Joke – Millennium (23 Minutes To Midnight Mix) Drum Club

Killing Joke – Millennium (Back To Orion Mix) Juno Reactor

Killing Joke – Millennium (Dissolving Particle Reaction Mix) Youth and Greg Hunter

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~ by acidted on August 30, 2009.

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