I realise that Jesus Jones were not strictly a dance act or indeed were remotely trendy. But I liked them and saw them lots. Prime indie dance pop.

Mike Edwards (vocals, writer, guitar) and Simon Matthews (Gen: Drums) began gigging around prior to 1986 when they met Alan Doughty (Al Jaworski: Bass). Together they created “Camouflage”. Having no commercial luck they reformed as “Big Colour” again with no joy.

Eventually after a trip to Spain “Jesus Jones” was born and fleshed out with the addition of Iain “Barry D” Baker (Keyboards and electronic gizmos) and Jerry de Abela Borg (guitar).Finally the bouncy one (read Gen) had harrassed Food Records enough that they were given a deal. I believe the demo included Info Freako, Cut & Dried and Welcome Back Victoria.

After EMI became more involved in Food (eventually purchasing it) they wanted more control over the records, and the album “Already” suffered. It took too long in coming out and received no support from the label. Eventually Jesus Jones were dropped, although Mike Edwards was retained.Gen left the band after a conflicting schedule with his other projects of “Baby Chaos”, “Regency Buck” and “Deckard”. Tony Arthy joined the band as the new drummer. Koch Records then signed the band and “London” was released to good critical praise, but no commercial success. Two singles were lifted from the album, but were largely produced by the Mike Edwards. Since then they released “Culture Vulture” a 4 track single with the elements of the title track to be used to create fan mixes. The results of which are on the official site.

Jesus Jones – Real Real Real (Rhythm 3) Ben Chapman “Spaced” Mix

Jesus Jones – Who Where Why The Crisis Intrumental Mix

G.T.O. – Tip Of The Iceberg (Jesus Jones Mix)


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~ by acidted on August 31, 2009.

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  1. […] of you might recognise the title to a Jesus Jones B side. I saw them loads, have most of their early catalogue and retain a real affection for them. […]

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