An indie band who got into dance in a big way, and who featured Denise Johnson on vocals. Although not prolific, The Joy left some amazing remixes but are especially noteworthy for their epic single “Shine”.
Their website says: Over the past few years I received many emails asking about the history and fate of the band The Joy. After returning many emails I thought it would be a great idea to document what was an amazing experience for us all, from the formative Siren Records demos to the amazing headline show at Reading Festival Dance Stage, it was a short lived but very interesting and rewarding experience. The band originated from early music forays between me (David Tolan) and my close friend Gavin O’Neill in the late 80’s, soon we changed our original instruments and formed The Joy. Andy Tracey joined forces in 1990 on guitar, later followed by Ali Fletcher on drums, an amazing drummer; we actually met doing live sound in a Irish club in Old Trafford, Manchester.
We became heavily influenced by the advent of dance music and the thriving Manchester Music scene namely The Hacienda and later The Herbal Tea Party. We sold our old rock instruments and bought a new sequencer, keyboard and sampler and started writing heavy beat-laden tracks, fusing sequencing, drum loops, vocals and hints of guitar. We were really enthusiastic and loved writing tracks, listening to fresh and innovative music and absorbing ourselves in the Manchester scene.
The record label encouraged us, myself in particular, to employ more remixing skills on our own material. I remixed a track we had just recently written called Shine and produced the Dub Disciples mix heavily influenced by my overriding obsession with William Orbit and my childhood love Pink Floyd—this was to heavily forge our future sound. We embarked on a really ambitious remix aiming for the 30-minute mark! Me and Ali F, who was an also an amazing engineer, set about plotting the course of this epic. We got the guys in and added vocals, guitar and some percussion. Being great fans of Lee Perry and King Tubby, we employed some of their pioneerimg mixing skills and dubbed out the final mix, live(!) for 27 minutes. Some sections we rehearsed and some had a rough outline of what we ‘may’ do, but there was some real live mixing going on, believe me! Shine—the 27-minute mandala mix was now created.
The band then encountered some artist difficulties and just myself and Ali continued as The joy and recorded tracks for a new album. In that period we also remixed many artists (Tori Amos, Denise Johnson, Primal Scream, Tears for Fears . . .). I personal co-wrote a big hit for the Ministry of Sound label Rays of the Rising Sun became a club and chart hit, eventually going platinum. We released some tracks in this period—Black Angel, Mobius, Maxology were just some of them, we then parted company with EMI/Compulsion label in 1995. The band dispanded that year and I personally went on to follow a production career.
Of the “Shine” (1993) single, Melody Maker said: “Combining the vital elements of Pink Floyd, The Orb amd Andy Weatherall’s work with Primal Scream and One Dove, The Joy have recently arrived on this planet and already fallen off the edge. Clocking in at just over 27 minutes, their debut single “Shine” has only two contemporary peers; One Dove’s “Fallen” and Underworld’s “Mmm . . .Skyscraper I Love You”.”
The Joy – Shine (Hyperphoria Mix)
The Joy – Shine (Life Energy Mix)
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