Second posting of sixties-influenced popsters St Etienne. On remix duty today Aphex Twin.



Saint Etienne was beginning to gain momentum, as the British press generally gave them positive reviews and their records were gaining a strong fan base not only in England, but throughout Europe. During 1992, the group released a series of singles — “Join Our Club,” “People Get Real,” and “Avenue” — which maintained their popularity. In addition to writing and recording music for Saint Etienne, Stanley and Wiggs became active producers, songwriters, remixers, and label heads as well. In 1989, Stanley had founded Caff Records, which issued limited-edition 7″ singles of bands as diverse as Pulp and the Manic Street Preachers, as well as a number of other lesser-known bands like World of Twist. In 1992, Stanley and Wiggs founded Ice Rink, which intended to put out records by pop groups, not rock groups. The label released singles from several artists — including Oval, Sensurround, Elizabeth City Slate, and Golden, which featured Stanley’s girlfriend, Celina — none of which gained much attention.


Preceded by the single “You’re in a Bad Way,” Saint Etienne’s second album, So Tough, appeared in the spring of 1993 to generally positive reviews and increased sales. Over the course of 1993, the group released three more singles — “Who Do You Think You Are,” “Hobart Paving,” and “I Was Born on Christmas Day” — which all charted well. In 1994, the trio began to lose momentum, as their third album, Tiger Bay, was greeted with decidedly mixed reviews, even as singles like “Like a Motorway” continued to chart well. After completing a new track, “He’s on the Phone,” for their 1995 singles compilation, Too Young to Die, as well as the French-only single “Reserection,” Saint Etienne took an extended break during 1996.


St Etienne – Who Do You Think You Are (Quex-Rd) Aphex Twin


St Etienne – Who Do You Think You Are (Voix Revirement) Aphex Twin


St Etienne – Join Our Club (Chemical Friendly Zoom Mix)


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