This is yet another pseudonym for Mark Pritchard & Tom Middleton, best known as Global Communication (and who featured a little while ago as Jedi Knights).

E621 is a chemical “Flavour Enhancer”. Link was originally a Mark Pritchard solo project. In a similar set-up to “Reload & E621”, the “E621” refers to Tom Middleton’s co-production or “Flavour Enhancement” on the release. They released a solitary single under this name – 1995’s “Antacid” on Warp Records. This had a remix from Wish Mountain (Matthew Herbert) and the Jedi Knights remix says “DJ Mercs droppin science on the ‘ones’ + ‘twos'”.

Link & E621 – Antacid

Link & E621 – Antacid II (Wish Mountain Remix)

Link & E621 – Antacid (Jedi Knights Remix)

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~ by acidted on September 19, 2009.

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