I don’t know what category this one fits into. Yugoslav industrial gloom mongers show sense of humour with euro trance version of poodle permed rockers Europe. Make sense of that if you will.

As for Laibach, their Mute bio says “Laibach was formed in 1980 shortly after the death of Marshall Josip Broz Tito the Yugoslavian post-war leader who had spent his political career establishing principles of non-alignment within the communist world. His death began a period of uncertainty in Yugoslavia, resulting in power struggles between Stalinist hard-liners and more liberal politicians, a period of uncertainty that saw struggles and disagreements between the different republics constituting Yugoslavia. Laibach’s response to this confusion was to present their group as a totalitarian organization whose zeal for authority far outstripped that of the state. They announced their formation through poster campaigns around Trbovlje and Ljubljana, utilizing elements of National Socialist and Social Realist propaganda imagery coupled with partisan folk art to create a startling effect. Confronted by these powerful images and the fact that Laibach is actually the German for Ljubljana, Slovenes were forcefully reminded of their own wartime past under the Nazi and Italian occupation of World War Two.

Hailing from Trbovlje, a province famous for its mines and political activism, Laibach were determined to keep this tradition for agitation alive and willfully baited the Yugoslavian government at every opportunity. This was evident in their first outing in September 1980 when they staged a show called “Red Districts” (Rdeci revirji ). This event was scheduled to take place in Trbovlje with the sole intention of challenging a number of contradictions that the group saw as being inherent in the town’s political structures at that time. Not surprisingly this provocative project was banned before it had even opened, on the grounds that it incorporated an inappropriate use of symbols, something that would become a regular occurrence in Laibach’s early history.

Laibach – Final Countdown (Juno Reactor Beyond The Infinite Version)

Laibach – Final Countdown (Fortran 5 Version 11)

Laibach – Final Countdown (Euro 7″ Version)

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~ by acidted on September 20, 2009.

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