Just before we leave the letter “L”. Although I covered Loop Guru recently, this hadn’t included their best release, the double A sided “Paradigm Shuffle / Hope” from 1993. That was because I couldn’t find it in the mess.

Most known as Jamuud, Sam & Speechless. Jamuud (Dave Muddyman): The elusive one. Never plays live. Prefers to sit in his bubble of chaotic laughter ruminating the cosmos and making noises. Sometime co-editor of World Music: The Rough Guides and generative music composer. Often found taping frogs in far flung places. Inventor of the Transynthesised Molecular Construction Kit. Has also formed a Sampledelic folk group, Birdloom. Sam (Sam Dodson): Lead live guru. Avant gardener and inventor of the paint tin marimba. Expert at guiding beyond the sensible. Composer of the most extraordinary and sensual bass-lines known to man. Used to use sellotapes on his twisted tape loops. Also known as Salman Gita, Samu, and No Odd Mass. Grand Master of vegetarian cooking. Also releases albums under the name of Slipper and Thaw, and runs Elsewhen Records. Other members (past and present) include Elmer Thudd (drums), Eskimo Bob (multi-instrumentalist), Zahrema (vocals), Linda [aka Nidahl Bulbul] Goldfinger (vocals), Mad Jym (percussion), Lydie Pfeiffer (vocals), Liz Fletcher (vocals).

With its Martin Luther King samples and fantastically insistent drum beat, “Hope” is the pick of the two. But this is Nation Records blending East and West at their best.

Loop Guru – Hope (The Original Sin)
Loop Guru – Paradigm Shuffle (Bird of Paradise Mix)

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~ by acidted on September 21, 2009.


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