Now we get to the “Play” era Moby.

From Moby’s own bio:

1997 – releases ‘james bond theme’ as part of ‘tomorrow never dies’. it gets to #8 in the uk charts. also releases ‘i like to score’, a collection of music that has appeared in different films.

1998 – ends contract with elektra records. spends entire year working on ‘play’ and trying to find a record contract in north america.

1999 – signs with v2 records(run by dan beck and richard sanders) and releases ‘play’ in may of 1999. ‘play’ sells poorly at first and gets mediocre reviews but eventually goes on to sell over 9,000,000 records worldwide.’play’ tour started in march of 1999 and continued until august of 2001.

2000 – touring. 4th and 5th ‘top of the pops’ performances for ‘natural blues’ and ‘porcelain’.

2001 – more touring. some tour highlights: the area1 festival with outkast and new order.last show of the ‘play’ tour is with u2 at slane castle in ireland.during this time moby is also working on ’18’.

2002 – releases ’18’ in may of 2002. tours from february of 2002 until autumn of 2003.during this time he also opens ‘teany’, with ex-girlfriend kelly tisdale. 6th ‘top of the pops’ performance for ‘we are all made of stars’.

There were some interesting remixes of the “Play” and “18” singles. Here are a few, with the downtempo mix of Stars by Moby himself my favourite:

Moby – We Are All Made Of Stars (Downtempo Mix)

Moby – South Side (Pete Heller Park Lane vocal Mix)

Moby – Honey (Westbam & Hardy Mix)

Moby – Natural Blues (Perfecto Dub Mix)

Moby – James Bond Theme (Moby’s Re-Version) CJ Bolland Dubble-Oh Heaven Remix

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~ by acidted on September 23, 2009.

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