Not a protein bar but a UK electronic IDM act from the early-90s. MLO were Jon Tye & Peter James Smith (sometimes Smyth). They recorded initially on R&S but then mainly on Caspar Pound’s Rising High Records. Peter Smith had dance form, having been part of The Hypnotist and N-Trance and a producer in the late 80s. He would also be part of the Rising High Collective. Jon Tye would go on to be Twisted Science in the later-90s.
Englishman Jon Tye and Australian Peter Smyth met in Exeter, Devon where they formed the post punk Missing Chemicals group. Over many years this evolved into MLO (named after the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii where some of their earliest recordings were made). Swiftly signing to the legendary R&S imprint in 1993 they released two stunning 12’s – The Garden and Nu Generation – before completing their debut album. Originally scheduled for release by R&S the album finally surfaced in fully completed form as ‘Plastic Apple’ on the Aura Surround Sound label. Various singles were taken from the album and numerous remixes were commissioned most of which were compiled as an extra CD with the Plastic Apple release. The pair also recorded the classic ambient album ‘Io’ for Rising High records under the name MLO Productions. Reflective Records

MLO – Wimborne

MLO – Birds ‘n’ Flutes ‘n’ Shit

MLO – Fast Water

MLO – Colour of the Sun

Bonus track:
MLO – Wimbourne (Spacetime Continuum Mix)

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~ by acidted on September 25, 2009.

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