Metamatics is Lee Norris and others. They have been around for over 10 years. It was another of those artists I came across when they were on Hydrogen Dukebox Records in the late 90s. This is more leftfield music, perhaps best characterised as IDM funk.

One of the best new artists to come out of the high-profile Clear Records camp, Metamatics was formed by Lee Norris and Dominic Kennedy. Similar to the fragile melodies of Mu-Ziq but with an emphasis on spare dowtempo breakbeats and crispy percussion, Norris and Kennedy debuted on Clear with four EPs during early 1997. Their debut album A Metamatics Production appeared in April of that year. After Kennedy’s departure, Neo Ouija followed in 1998, on the Japanese P-Vine label. Metamatics resurfaced two years later with Spook Tinsel Shoal and Project Unison (the latter a collaboration with Clatterbox). ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

Metamatics – On (What’s Wrong With It)

Metamatics – Dentosen [Shit Hotpod]

Metamatics – Days Are Gone [Here to Go]

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~ by acidted on September 27, 2009.

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