Minimal Man brings together two artists featured previously on Acid Ted – Peter Ford (see Baby Ford) and Ian Loveday (see Eon) who sadly died in June this year at St Mary’s Hospital, London from complications with pneumonia.

Minimal Man started in 1993 on Guerila Records. This was an odd choice, given that neither Peter or Ian had any connection to the Progressive House sound that had made Gureilla’s reputation by 1992. Their Minimal Man EP (1993) is a good but not great piece of work. It doesn’t sound like Peter Ford’s early rave house or his later fast techno and neither does it sound like Ian’s more electro orientated bass monsters. It sort of falls between all stools but I wouldn’t call it progressive house. But for an alternative view, try this from discogs:

acorn92de, Apr 30, 2005 referencing Minimal Man E.P., 12″, EP, GRRR 54
OK, unfortunately I don’t know much about the work of Baby Ford and Ian B, but this is a true Guerilla-Progressive-Monster. I mean it’s Spring 2005 and I still enjoy this record, cos it’s and absolut floor burner. The 4 mixes are not that different, i prefer the “Outside the window / Track 1232” Mix, it is really good to dance to and has quite a hypnotic feel to it. Like the quirky noises and the vocal as well. Maybe this record is a bit understimated, give it a listen. If you like the sound of Guerilla this is a good example why this label was on top of the progressive-house-sound in 1992-1994.


This was their only release on Guerilla, and they recorded together for a few more years, mainly on Trelik. But from that first EP:

Minimal Man – Consexual

Minimal Man – Headspin

Minimal Man – Outside The Window

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~ by acidted on September 28, 2009.

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