Minus 8 recorded on Germany’s downtempo and broken beat label Compost Records. I rather assumed that whoever was behind Minus 8 was German. Turns out it’s Robert Jan Meyer and he’s Swiss. Another who is probably most similar to Matthew Herbert, so it’s no surprise he turns in a remix here.

One of the few Swiss electronic dance music producers, Minus 8’s myriad approach to the genre made his recordings some of the more championed albums by critics but also some of the least accessible for the populist audience, who wasn’t quite sure what to make of his unconfined sound. Bringing together drum’n’bass-style breakbeat percussion, a down-tempo sense of almost Latin rhythm, a jazz approach to arrangement, and a deep dose of funk, Robert Jan Meyer’s Minus 8 project originally resulted from his years as a bass player in funk bands and more notably from his urge to present an alternative to the sped-up “plus eight” sound that was sweeping across Europe in the early ’90s (a reference to the positive and negative pitch adjustment on turntables). Meyer first made a name for himself as a DJ, touring with many of the U.K.’s drum’n’bass elite: Grooverider, Bad Company, Goldie, and Krust, among others. DJ Cam then released Meyer’s first Minus 8 productions on his Paris-based Inflammable label. The second Minus 8 full-length, Beyond Beyond, appeared on the U.K.-based Higher Ground label, and the prominent Munich, Germany, label Compost released Elysian Fields, the third and most celebrated Minus 8 album. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide

He has just released new album Slow Motion” but from 2002’s “Minuit” featuring Billie (but not the UK popstrel I assume):

Minus 8 – Badman & Throbbin’ (Gabor Deutsch Lovely Vocal Remix)
Minus 8 – Cold Fusion (Doctor Rockit’s Sweaty Dutch Vest Mix)

Minus 8 – Snowblind (TheAmalgamation of Soundz Out of Mind Mix)

~ by acidted on October 1, 2009.

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