A connected post today, with tracks from Gus Gus, members of whom were previously in the Sugarcubes with Bjork where we have remixes by Justin Robertson. It’s almost as if some thought goes into these posts.

Gus Gus featured previously. But briefly: Gus Gus began as a creative collective of nine members, ranging in ages from 19 to over 30 and spanning a wide spectrum of backgrounds and interests, including two film makers, a computer programmer, a photographer, a DJ, an actor, a political campaigner and a film producer. The original line-up featured Steph Stephenson, Daníel Ágúst, Biggi Thórarinsson, Magnús Jónsson, Herr Legowitz, Hafdís Huld, Stefán Árni, Siggi Kjartansson and Baldur Stefánsson. They assembled almost accidentally when Siggi Kjartansson and Stefán Árni sought a cast for a short film they were making. When shooting was postponed, songwriters Ágúst and Kjartansson suggested they make an album. Polydistortion was recorded in 11 hectic days and was released in Iceland in late 1995.

As for the Sugarcubes, they were home to Siggi and Bjork in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Complete critics darlings. Even for the NME, despite the “puffin eating” incident. The Sugarcubes were the biggest group ever to emerge from Iceland, which helps explain their off-kilter sense of melody. According to group legend, the Sugarcubes formed on June 8, 1986, the day that vocalist Björk (born Björk Gundmundsdottir) gave birth to her son. Prior to that day, the members of the group had been a variety of Icelandic bands. In late 1987, the band signed to One Little Indian in the U.K., Elektra Records in the U.S. The Sugarcubes released their debut album, Life’s Too Good, in 1988 to critical acclaim in both the U.K. and the U.S. “Birthday,” the first single from the album, became an indie hit in Britain and a college radio hit in America. And the re-release of that tune is the one featured here.

Gus Gus – Ladyshave (Roy’s Lady Soul Mix) by Roy Davis Jnr  (hold on to your trousers Cristiano)

Gus Gus – VIP (Dune Remix) mediafire

Gus Gus – VIP (Instrumental) mediafire

Sugarcubes – Birthday (Justin Robertson 12″ Mix) mediafire

Sugarcubes – Birthday (Justin Robertson Dub)

No links to product today. Instead, if you download you could give something to the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust (UK) by donating here or Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (USA) here or to a children’s cancer charity in your own country.

~ by acidted on October 5, 2009.

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