Mind Over Rhythm were a little known UK IDM act, sporadically active in the first half of the 1990s. Their main claim to fame was an album made in co-operation with the much better known Plaid. And the tracks are for those who liked Warp’s IDM sounds.

Mind Over Rhythm were Alan and Dave Hill. I don’t know anything about them, although discogs says that Alan was also in Clone Theory, Midst of Tumult, Thirdzomby and The Unlimited Dream Company. They produced a handful of singles and two albums, both on Kent-based Rumble Records in 1994 and 1997. The former being produced with Warp IDM act Plaid and the latter being their last work.

The discogs reviewer of the joint LP with Plaid says “An uptempo, friendly, dubby affair. A lot of this release sounds dated, but it’s not a total waste. Not surprisingly, the better of the tracks are the ones from Plaid. Mind Over Rhythm has some good moments within thier tracks also.” That’s a bit harsh on Mind Over Rhythm and the album holds up raher well today.

The tracks below are taken from the two LPs, the first two tracks are from “Mind Over Rhythm Meets The Men From Plaid On The Planet Luv” and the second two are from “Winter Sun”:

Mind Over Rhythm – Blast Off (Original Version)

Mind Over Rhythm – Uncharted Territory

Mind Over Rhythm – Times Up
Mind Over Rhythm – Mongoose

~ by acidted on October 8, 2009.


  1. […] A13 in the mid 90s. Ed Handley and Andy Turner were in The Black Dog and Plaid, Dave Hill was in Mind Over Rhythm, and Mark Broom (pictured above) has had an extensive career in his own right. Given their […]

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