Les Micronauts sont French – George Issakidis and Christophe “Widowsky” Monier. Quands ils est arrivez, nous sommes dans le midst d’un fever du musique Francais. Et tous les music writers avez une orgasmme over les Micronauts. Mais, je pense que les Micronauts sonts pants. Grandes pants.

“The Jag” (1999) was leurs grande track. C’est une melange de styles qui les Presse describes as “magnifique”. Mais, seulement because ens 10 minutes, ils cover tous les genres de musique. Bleedin awful. Et le Speedy J remix est worse. Commes Aphex Twin dans une blender.


Parisian electro duo the Micronauts teamed Christophe Monier (who previously recorded under his own name as well as the alias Discotique) and Canadian-born George Issakidis, whom migrated to France in 1990. The two met while working on the fanzine Eden, and in 1995 released the Micronauts 12-inch “The Jazz”; the record was championed in the press by the Chemical Brothers, and in turn Monier and Issakidis remixed the Chemicals’ hit “Block Rockin’ Beats.” Subsequent Micronauts releases including 1996’s “Get Funky Get Down” followed before the duo signed to Astralwerks to make their American debut with 1999’s “The Jag” and the following year’s Bleep to Bleep. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide
The Micronauts – The Jag

The Micronauts – The Jag (Speedy J Remix)

The Micronauts – Baby Wants To Rock

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~ by acidted on October 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “M IS FOR THE MICRONAUTS”

  1. […] Monier. I was never particularly a fan of The Jag and was rather rude about the track back here, quite what I was doing with the franglais is anyone’s guess. The remastering adds some […]

  2. […] is Christophe Monier (The Micronauts) and Thomas Regnault (Dew Town Mayor). This second EP from the pair – Deux – comes a year […]

  3. […] available again. Ritual’s Club Zanzibar. I said “Rituel is Christophe Monier (The Micronauts) and Thomas Regnault (Dew Town Mayor). This second EP from the pair – Deux – comes a year […]

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