Nearly God is a collaborative album produced by Tricky, released on 29 April 1996. The album’s title comes from an interview where Tricky was asked “So how does it feel to be God… well, nearly God.”

It was recorded in three weeks during the summer, in New York and London, and Tricky himself describes it as “a collection of brilliant demos”.

Originally, Nearly God also included a song with Blur singer Damon Albarn, but it was removed at the last minute, with Tricky expressing displeasure at Albarn’s working methods, saying: “He wants to work on something for like two months and then do the vocals again and again and again, and I don’t work like that.” The song was later recorded again with former Madness singer Suggs, but this version (“I’ll pass right through you”) was not released either. Four of ten rumoured songs with Neneh Cherry were released on her singles “Woman”, “Kootchi” and “Feel it” in 1996 and 1997. Tricky also recorded another song with Cath Coffey, a cover of the Grease song “Summer Nights” which was released in 1997 on her first album Mind the Gap (released only in Japan so far).

The final product contains collaborations with Terry Hall (singer of The Specials), Alison Moyet, Cath Coffey, Neneh Cherry, Björk and Martina Topley Bird.

Nearly God – Poems

Nearly God – Children’s Story

Nearly God Poems (Edit)

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