As if starting a special week of postings from Orbital and The Orb wasn’t enough. Now we have a quick post on classic Scottish Housers, One Dove, focusing on their work with Andrew Weatherall.

One Dove were originally Dove and featured Ian Carmichael and singer Dot Allison. One Dove’s 1993 debut album, Morning Dove White, featured production by godlike genius Andrew Weatherall. Under his direction, the band became one of the most likely to succeed in alternative circles in late 1993. Sadly they broke up amidst rumours of band in-fighting, substance abuse and problems with the record company who had drafted Stephen Hague in to remix much of Weatherall’s work on the album. But we’ll put Hague’s work to one side and focus on what Lord Sabre did leave us.

One Dove – Why Dont you Take Me (Weatherall Mix)

One Dove – Breakdown Squire Black Dove Rides Out (Weatherall)

One Dove – White Love (Weatheralls Guitar Paradise Mix)

One Dove – White Love (Weatheralls Meet The Professionals Dub)

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~ by acidted on October 17, 2009.

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