This post features tracks from the singles Mutations and Radiccio EP (Halcyon) from 1992. The best tracks are “The Naked and the Dead” which is classic early style Orbital and “Speed Freak” put through its paces by Moby.

From DJ Magazine interview with Orbital (August 09):

Q:Your “Orbital 20” CD charts the two decades since your breakthrough record ‘Chime’ became a national rave anthem and even penetrated the UK Top 40. When you first laid down the track’s unmistakeable chimes, did you have any idea of the impact they’d have?

Phil: Not at all. It was just for our expression rather than consciously trying to make something to fit a certain sound. It was an experiment with the four-track recorder more than anything.

Paul: We were testing a theory out. We realised that instead of having to put stuff on to a four-track, record it and then mix it down to the tape deck, we could just play it through the four track like a mixer and do a live mixdown at the same time. We were just knocking something up so we could test that out and go to the pub! We went with our gut instinct and what we were enjoying at the time – which was Detroit techno and acid house. ‘Chime’ came out as a mix of the two.

Orbital – Sunday
Orbital – The Naked And The Dead
Orbital – Oolaa (Joey Beltram Mutation)
Orbital – Speed Freak (Moby Mutation)

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~ by acidted on October 18, 2009.

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